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Your personal guide to selecting potentially less harmful nicotine alternatives

A digital concierge service that recommends the best smoke-free alternatives for you, tailored to your specific needs.




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Find your best fit solution

Discover a service that suggests smoke-free options tailored to you. We consider your habits, nicotine use, and preferences. Enjoy your personalised selection.

Tailored recommendations

We aim to offer a handpicked range of products to suit your needs. We carefully analyse over 1000 reduced-risk options. All of them meet strict quality and safety standards.

Recommended product

Order our recommended product as a starter kit. We will send it with a helpful guide. Your transition from cigarettes will be smooth and easy.

Free Trial

If within 14 days, the transition isn't right or you're not happy with the product, no problem. Return it for a full refund or get a different one. Your satisfaction matters most.

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How It Works

Add your inputs

Fill in your information, such as your favourite flavours, daily routines, etc.

Receive your recommendation

Based on your inputs, we will recommend the best devices, products, and flavours for you.

Select final product

Choose to have your starter kit delivered to your home or collect it from your favourite tobacconist.

Receive your starter kit

Your starter kit will include the recommended devices, products, flavours, and transitioning guide.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the recommendation work?
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What happens to the starter kit if I don’t like the products? 
What happens to the personal data that you share with you?
How does the subscription work?
What happens if I need help?

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